Honors Thesis

PATH 4197W - Pathobiology Honors Thesis (3 credits)

Pathobiology Honors students can now enroll in PATH 4197W (3 credits) when completing their Honors theses:

  • This course is also a W course and therefore can be used to fulfill the W requirement in the major.
  • This course is only for Honors students completing their research and writing their theses, and therefore it will be taken typically in their senior year or last semester (in some cases earlier when they complete their experimental work ahead of their last semester).
  • The course is an Honors course of 3 credits:
    • There is no need to convert to Honors
    • Students must still submit the online Student Enrollment Request Form (SERF) so that the correct credits and thesis title can be assigned (students should add it as a Research Course).
    • In the semester that students register for this course, they should not register for Independent Study related to the thesis (this course covers it already).
    • Since the course earns 3 credits, it will fulfill the Honors requirement of at least 3 Honors credits related to the thesis automatically.
  • Each faculty member has their own section for this course. The thesis advisor should be the instructor. If the student is doing research in another department or outside UConn, the Pathobiology Honors academic advisor will be the instructor.  A permission number will be needed to enroll in this course.
  • This is a graded class and students must achieve a B- or higher grade to earn Honors credit.
  • The instructor will adhere to the W Guidelines, requiring completion of the thesis (i.e., at least a final draft) before assigning grades.

Pathobiology Honors Thesis Template

Pathobiology Students should use this thesis template when writing their theses.

Pathobiology Honors Thesis Template