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January 21

January 28
February 4 Dr. Bindu Bennet (hosted by Dr. Mishra), Pathologists and Toxicologist, Relay Therapeutics, Cambridge, MA


Dr. Rani Sellers, Pathologists and Toxicologist, Pfizer Inc, Pearl River, NY.

“Pathologist's perspective on nonclinical development of vaccines, including COVID-19”
February 11 Dr. Vanessa Schumacher (hosted by Dr. Frasca)

Group Head Tissue Biomarker and Digital Pathology

Early Biomarker Development Oncology

Roche Pharma Research and Early Development

Roche Innovation Center Basel, Switzerland


“Digital Pathology to Accelerate Research and Development”
February 18 Dr. Breno Fragomeni (hosted by Dr. Lee)

Department of Animal Science

University of Connecticut

“Quantitative genetic tools to improve animal health, wellness and disease resistance”
February 25 Dr. Rebekah C. Kadin (hosted by Dr. Verardi)

Department of Microbiology Immunology and Pathology

Colorado State University


“Investigating emerging viruses of bats in Uganda”


March 4 Dr. Deepa B. Rao (hosted by Dr. Mishra)

Veterinary Toxicologic Pathologist

StageBio, Washington DC

"Neuropathology Evaluation in Neurotoxicology Studies: Perspectives for Thoughts"
March 11 Dr. Changchun Liu (hosted by Dr. Khan)

UConn Health Center

Farmington, CT


 “CRISPR-based COVID-19 Test: towards Next-Generation Point-of-Care Diagnostics​”.


March 18  
March 25 Dr. Marshall E. Bloom (hosted by Dr. Verardi)
Chief, Biology of Vector-borne Viruses SectionLaboratory of Virology
Rocky Mountain Laboratories, NIAID / NIH
“New dimensions in the study of tick-borne virus infections”
April 1 Dr. LaTasha K. Crawford (hosted by Dr. Mishra)

Assistant Professor

Dept of Pathobiological Sciences

University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Veterinary Medicine, Madison, WI

"Novel comparative strategies for study of pain and sensory pathology"
April 8 Dr. Lucas Tirloni (hosted by Dr. Verardi)

Chief, Tick-Pathogen Transmission Unit

Laboratory of Bacteriology

Rocky Mountain Laboratories, NIAID / NIH



“Tick saliva and its role in blood feeding and pathogen transmission”


April 22 Dr. David Banach (hosted by Dr. Sczepanek)

Department of Infectious Disease

UConn Health Center

"Epidemiology and Infection Control in the  Hospital"



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