FALL 2021
Thursdays, 11:00 A.M.

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Sept. 16

Dr. Ara Gupta, DVM, MVSc, DACVP (Anatomic & Clinical Pathology), DABT

Scientific Director, Pathology

Moderna Inc.

(hosted by Dr. Mishra)

“Application of 3Rs in Drug
Safety Assessment”
Sept. 23 Dr. Christina Leyson

US National Poultry Research Center, ARS, USDA

(hosted by Dr. Lee)

“Viruses as populations: insights
from avian influenza and
infectious bronchitis viruses”
Sept. 30 Dr. Chris Barker

School of Veterinary Medicine, UC Davis
Co-Director, Pacific Southwest Center
of Excellence in Vector-Borne Diseases

(hosted by Dr. Verardi)

"Can endectocides stop West Nile virus?"
Oct. 7 Dr. Ryan Takeshita

Research Scientist
National Marine Mammal Foundation
Boulder, CO

(hosted by Dr. De Guise)

“Toxicity of Oil in Vertebrates:
Lessons from Deepwater Oil
Oct. 14 Dr. Dharani Ajithdoss

Director of Pathology
Regeneron Pharmaceuticals
Tarrytown, NY

(hosted by Dr. Mishra)

“Animal models of COVID-19”
Oct. 21 Dr. Douglas Brackney

The Connecticut Agricultural Experiment
Station, New Haven CT
Adjunct Associate Professor
Pathobiology and Veterinary Science, UConn

(hosted by Dr. Verardi)


“Catch me if you can: a tale of
flavivirus evolution and innate
Oct. 28 Dr. Gorben P. Pijlman

Laboratory of Virology
Wageningen University
The Netherlands

(hosted by Dr. Verardi)

“Virus-like particle vaccines
against emerging viral diseases"
Nov. 4 Dr. Anthony Griffiths

Associate Professor, Microbiology
Investigator, National Emerging Infectious
Diseases Laboratories (NEIDL)
Boston University School of Medicine

(hosted by Dr. Verardi)


“Advanced development of
Ebola virus drugs and vaccines
yields insights into viral
Nov. 11 Dr. Laura Manuelidis

(hosted by Dr. Garmendia)

Yale University, New Haven, CT

(hosted by Dr. Garmendia)

*This will be an in-person presentation (Room A001, Atwater Building)

Tentative title: “Advances on Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathies”
Nov. 18 Dr. Shan Lu

Professor, Department of Medicine
U Mass Med School

(hosted by Dr. Zho)

Tentative title: "Vaccines against challenging viral pathogens and new vaccine technology"
Dec. 2 Dr. Gregory Tsongalis

Dept of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine
The Audrey and Thedor Geisel School of
Medicine at Dartmouth

Adjunct, Pathobiology and Veterinary Science, UConn

(hosted by Dr. Frasca)

"Human Cancer and Somatic Mutation"