Undergraduate Studies in PATHOBIOLOGY

Students majoring in PATHOBIOLOGY focus on human and animal diseases and their relationship to people and the environment (ONE HEALTH).

The curriculum is designed for students preparing to enter medical, dental, physician assistant, veterinary, or graduate schools, and to pursue careers in global health, medical biotechnology, biomedical sciences, para-veterinary medicine, and many diverse laboratory and research positions in health fields.

PATHOBIOLOGY is a New England Regional Student Program. Permanent residents of Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Vermont enrolled in the PATHOBIOLOGY major pay reduced out-of-state tuition!

  • Estimated savings of $13,650 (35.6% off) per year = $54,600 over 4 years!

Change your Major to PATHOBIOLOGY

Students that wish to declare or change their major to PATHOBIOLOGY must complete the CAHNR Application to Change: School, Major, and/or Advisor.

  • When completing the form, in the box where you "explain your interest in the major and any career goals you may have", be sure to indicate your career goal or goals (eg, Pre-MED, Pre-VET, Biotech Industry, etc.).
  • The online form will then be reviewed and an appropriate faculty academic advisor will contact you or be assigned to you.


CAHNR Application to Change: School, Major, and/or Advisor

Non-Degree Aplication in PATHOBIOLOGY

Non-Degree Study allows individuals who have not been formally accepted into degree-seeking status at UConn to take undergraduate or graduate-level credit courses.


Apply for visiting/non-degree course registration


Path 2 Med
Path 2 Vet
Path 2 Dental

Resources for Students

infectious disease course


Our courses are designed to prepare undergraduates for careers in the health sciences, medical biotechnology, and global health.

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test tubes


Pre-Professional Health Sciences (pre-MED, pre-DENTAL, pre-PA, pre-VET), Medical Biotechnology, Global Health & One Health, and Graduate School

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Student Testimonials

Grace Ozyck – Pre-Graduate School (Ph.D.)

Katelyn Barber – Pre-Vet

Nina Francesca Soriano – Pre-Med

Valerie Zammarelli -Pre-Med

Meagan Goodridge – Medical Biotechnology

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