PATHOBIOLOGY Independent Study

PATHOBIOLOGY offers multiple Independent Study opportunities:

  • Through the CVMDL (Connecticut Veterinary Medical Diagnostic Laboratory):
    • Diagnostic Testing Services:
      • Diagnostic Serological Techniques
      • Diagnostic Microbiology Techniques
      • Diagnostic Laboratory Techniques
      • Molecular Diagnostic Techniques
      • Diagnostic Histological Laboratory Techniques
      • For more information contact Maureen Sims or Dr. Guillermo Risatti (CVMDL Director)
    • Pathology Services:
      • Clinical Practicum in Pathology (Necropsy)
      • Clinical Practicum in Tissue Trimming
      • Introduction to Anatomic Pathology: Necropsy Apprenticeship
      • Digital Pathology Practicum
      • For more information contact Amelia Wheeler or Dr. Emily Reinhardt
  • Through Faculty-led Research:
  • Through Teaching Assistant Experiences:
    • Undergraduate Teaching Assistant - Anatomy and Physiology of Animals
    • Undergraduate Teaching Assistant in Pathobiology

    To add an Independent Study:

    • Obtain informal approval from instructor, including number of credits and title of project to appear on transcript (35 characters or less)
    • Go to the online Student Enrollment Request Form (SERF) so that correct number of credits and title/topic can be assigned
      • Add PATH 3099 or equivalent course if offered outside Pathobiology (typically 1-3 credits as negotiated with the instructor)
    • Honors students can then convert Independent Study to Honors credits if allowed by the instructor