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Pathobiology majors have the opportunity to explore exciting career options in pre-professional sciences (Pre-Med, Pre-Dental, Pre-PA, and Pre-Vet, Global Health, and Medical Biotechnology. Graduates from our program are on the frontlines of research and health care in addressing emerging infectious diseases, global pandemics such as COVID-19, and global health issues caused by climate change. We invite you to tour our department, hear from some of our students, and explore the opportunities we offer for life transformative education.

Grace Ozyck – Pre-Graduate School (Ph.D.)

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Meet Undergraduate Eric Atanga

Eric Atanga

Why did you choose your particular major?

I vividly remember several years ago in Ghana when I sat on the gravel floor, my fingers picking up the smaller stones to play with while I watched a small color TV. They put it on a table in front of the house so that everyone could watch before bedtime. There was a special program highlighting a doctor on national TV that day, and I was intrigued as he eloquently explained how infectious diseases attack the body and the markers they leave behind for pathologists to find. He was so educated. I wanted to also be able to identify those markers and be helpful to my people. Read more.



Meet Graduate Student Tyler Gavitt

Tyler Gavitt

In the midst of a worldwide pandemic, Tyler Gavitt says he’s never felt more relevant. It took him a few departmental moves as an undergraduate to find his niche, but he now feels a calling to use his knowledge and join the fight against infectious respiratory diseases such as COVID-19. He is interested in a career with the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), studying transmission rates and reemergence of diseases. Here’s what he had to say about his experiences at UConn. Read more.