Antonio E. Garmendia



  • M.V. (University of San Marcos)
  • Ph.D. (Washington State University)
  • Diplomate, A.C.V.M.

Courses Taught

  • PATH 2301/SAPB 301: Health and Disease Management of Animals
  • PATH 3201/PVS3201W: Principles of Animal Virology
  • PATH 5202 Viral Pathogenesis
  • PATH 5632: Vaccines: Mechanisms of Immune Protection (team taught)

Research Interests

Mechanisms of Protective Immunity against Viral infections- Modulation of the immune response by cytokines (Th1/Th2) in the context of protective immunity. Research with DNA vaccines, replication-defective adenoviral vaccines. Identification of protective viral proteins, vaccine delivery approaches. Current work with porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus.

West Nile virus Research- There are many questions about WNV in North America that need to be addressed in terms of pathogenesis transmission, reservoirs, persistence and immunity, overwintering, vaccines etc. These areas are of interest in research in the immediate future. My laboratory is currently involved in the development and validation of rapid tests for the diagnosis of WNV infections.

Research on Llama Medicine- An area of research interest is llama (new world camelid) medicine, especially in the areas of diagnostic and research virology. My laboratory has started to develop diagnostic reagents for this species which are currently being evaluated by us and by a private laboratory. To strengthen this effort, I am seeking funding through the Morris Animal Foundation and local Lama Associations and also developing collaborations both at the national and the international levels.

Research on Exotic Viral Diseases of Animals- Through an Specific Cooperative Agreement (SCA) with Plum Island Animal Disease Center (PIADC) we have access to participate in research on exotic viral diseases of animals. A Joint Graduate Student Program I is under consideration. Under this Program, Graduate students will complete their course work and initial laboratory training at the University of Connecticut and then they will perform their research at the PIADC facility. The advisory committee will be composed by Faculty at the University of Connecticut and Research Scientists from PIADC. There are unique opportunities to study pathogenesis and immunology with exotic viruses.


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